Unique expertise and track record in UC

Alongside our telecoms division, MBC, we cover all aspects of Unified Communications – ICT and Telecommunications – so we’re the perfect choice to work with you on your UC project. Everything is covered under one roof, simplifying the process of design and installation, and keeping costs and progress transparent.

No nonsense with us

Wer’e up-front about pricing and will explain everything in non-condescending plain English. Our aim is to find clients to work with over the long-haul rather than for a quick sale.

No bias towards the big deals

We recognise that UC can bring significant gains and efficiencies to all sizes of business or organisation, and this is a great opportunity for us to begin partnerships with new clients.

Premium partner

Our Windows-based 3CX business telephone system has been specially designed to form the basis of a unified communications solution, bringing together all your voice, data, video, internet and mobile technologies into a single interface. Find out more about 3CX phone system.