Pricing and budgeting

Monthly payments may be possible, without an up-front capital purchase, helping cash-flow and budgeting.

You may be able to replace traditional phone lines with SIP lines (Session Initiation Protocol), saving more money on calls. Our telecoms division, MBC, can help with this.

Reliability and flexibility

Your systems are more resistant to failure – 99.9% uptime – only 6 hours a year downtime. Hardware costs are spread so advanced reliability features are included. It’s also easy to re-route calls in an emergency.

You have greater geographical flexibility – moving offices is easy, as is expansion and mobility. You can move numbers easily and lead-times for changes can be much, much quicker. These systems are fully scalable too – supporting more or fewer locations, or members of staff.

Future proof

As well as the flexibility to be able to adapt to the changes in your business, it’s easy to add new features to hosted telephone systems, so you’re future proofed.


You can choose between connectivity routed over the public Internet, or private connections, offering a balance between cost and security.

No hardware required

You do not need to buy hardware, especially for smaller businesses of around 15 or fewer employees. You use less space and energy. Support and maintenance can be performed remotely. There’s also no vendor lock-in.