How do you know if your business needs a server? Take a look at our 12 useful questions which will help you to decide if this is right for your business.

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Is It Time To Buy A Server?

How do you know if your business needs to invest in a Server?

All businesses and their needs are different, but if you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the 12 questions below, it may be the right time for you to consider using a Server.

Does your Business Need a Server?

12 Questions to Consider

  1. Do you have two or more broadband accounts in your business?
  2. Do you need to centralise and organise your data because you can never find what you need when you need it?
  3. Do you need to share hardware such as printers and fax machines for two or more PCs?
  4. Does a peer-to-peer network mean there are lots of cords and wires to trip over in the office?
  5. Do you have employees who travel, frequently telecommute, or work off-site who need to connect to a network?
  6. Could your business benefit from an intranet? Is communication between your staff a problem?
  7. Do you have high storage needs? Do your loaded-down PCs wince and groan when you add more data?
  8. Would you like to run accounting software or other line-of-business application on more than one PC?
  9. Is your company growing? Do you have plans to add new computers and employees?
  10. Are your PCs old? Could a Server allow you to breathe new life into your PCs?
  11. Are you about to replace PCs? Could a Server make migration easier?
  12. Do you mean business? Is looking professional important to you – and your customers?

Air-IT – Microsoft Server Specialists

Air-IT specialise in Microsoft server installations and offer a range of managed IT support options. If you’d like to know more about the role a Server could play in improving the way you do business, then please contact us and speak to one of our technology specialists.