Six months after we acquired MBC, in May 2013, we're proud to unveil a new corporate look for both companies.

Air IT and MBC logos

The refreshed logos will further strengthen the links between Air-IT and MBC by focusing on our joint offering of fully managed ICT services – spelled out in the strap lines beneath the logos – as well as bringing MBC’s company ‘look and feel’ in line with that of Air-IT.


Air-IT Managing Director, Todd McQuilkin explains:

‘It’s crucial that we communicate the managed aspect of our services through our corporate branding. The fact that Air-IT and MBC can supply, maintain, support and fully manage all our clients’ IT and communications services from our shared premises is what sets us apart from the competition.

Together, we provide a complete, seamless ICT solution that can be tailored to meet the current needs and facilitate the future growth of any SME or enterprise-level business.’

The Air-IT logo has been subtly refined to include more spacing between lettering and a smaller graphic above the company name, whilst MBC’s has received a complete makeover.

Both logos employ the same styling and design to project a consistent group identity but have retained their original corporate colours of orange (Air-IT) and purple (MBC). MBC’s new strap line, Managed Communications, now sits comfortably alongside Air-IT’s own Managed IT Services.

‘The new logos bring our two corporate brands in line and make it clear we provide a joint service offering, whilst indicating that each company still has its own identity,’ says Todd.

‘This reflects the fact that our clients benefit from the combined expertise of Air-IT and MBC – both specialists in our own fields. At the same time, the integration that’s taking place internally, as we cross-train our technical teams so they can service the clients of both businesses, is mirrored in the way the new logos work alongside each other.’

The new logos are being rolled out in a phased process, with print and digital media being updated first. New external signage for our adjoining units at Nottingham Business Park will follow, as will refreshed vehicle livery for our corporate fleet.

Look out for the new logos appearing on our websites, email footers, adverts and other marketing materials soon.