Microsoft has announced that Windows XP users who are signed up to Windows updates will start receiving monthly pop-up alerts from 8th March 2014.

XP end of life

It’s now just a month until Microsoft withdraws support for their popular Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 suite. But if you’re still using these systems, there’s still time to upgrade to the latest technology, such as Windows 7 or 8 and Office 2013 or the cloud-based Office 365, before the cut-off date of  to 8th April 2014..

From 8th March users will see a pop-up like the one pictured below.

Pop Alert Message for XP Users - Air IT support

Pop Alert Message for Windows XP Users

The pop-up will appear on the 8th of each month unless users tick the ‘Don’t show this message again’ box or upgrade their operating system.

Are You Still Running Windows XP?

Microsoft have set up a website to tell you instantly whether or not the workstation you’re using is running Windows XP. So if you’re not sure, check now by visiting

The messages below will appear on your screen telling you whether or not you’re using XP.

Screen if still running XP - Air IT support

If you’re still running XP this will appear on your screen

Screen when you're not running XP Air IT support

If you’re NOT running XP, you’ll see this on your screen

Why it’s Crucial to Upgrade Today

James Healey, Air-IT’s Technical Director, strongly recommends that you don’t wait to be prompted by the Microsoft pop-ups. James says:

‘It’s important to take action now to upgrade your Windows XP operating system and/or Office 2003 suite. If you’re still using these systems after 8th April, your business could become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and all kinds of other risks.’

There are lots of good reasons to upgrade from XP and/or Office 2003 but as James says, your key concern should be security. After the cut-off date, Microsoft will stop releasing the security updates which keep your systems safe from viruses and other cyber threats, such as hacking and malware.

Compliance could also be an issue if you choose to stay with Office 2003. Your client data protection systems may be seen as inadequate – potentially affecting the validity of your accreditations and damaging your company’s reputation.

The Benefits of Investing in New Technology

Upgrading your operating system and Office suite will benefit your business in a number of ways. For example, your systems will run faster and perform better, boosting staff productivity and business efficiency.

You’ll also have peace of mind as your IT systems are fully-protected, and you can take your business to the next level with the latest cloud and virtualisation based technologies.

windows 7 and 8 logos

Let Air-IT Help You Upgrade

Whether or not you’re an existing customer, Air-IT will help you upgrade your company’s systems to the latest software. As experienced and accredited Microsoft Partners, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you implement the right solution that meets your future needs, before taking care to make the transition as seamless and trouble-free as possible for you and your staff.

Find Out More

You’ll find more information about the retirement of Windows XP and Office 2003, why it’s crucial to upgrade and how Air-IT can help in our earlier article – Windows XP and Office 2003 Retirement.

Contact Air-IT today

If you’re still using Windows XP and/or Office 2003, please don’t delay. Contact Air-IT today so we can start the upgrade process straight away and implement a solution that fits your future business goals and aspirations.