The term Managed Service Provider (MSP) is widely used in the technology sector, with many IT support providers trying to jump on to this bandwagon. But what does this exactly mean to a company wanting to outsource its ICT?

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Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will allow you to offload the management of your ICT services to a dedicated 3rd party specialist who will take full responsibility.

The high level of service provision will turn the relationship of supplier and customer into a true operational partnership.

What you will gain

There are numerous benefits when using a MSP:

  • Save money
  • Market agility
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer HR hassles
  • Lower risk to your business
  • Deep expertise on tap
  • Compliance and security issues resolved
  • Simplification of management

So just what is an MSP?

Simply put, an MSP will manage a function of your business on your behalf.

They must be reliable, pro-active, accountable, and have your interests at heart.

When it comes to ICT, you should be free to decide precisely how much you hand-over to an MSP, especially if you have an in-house ICT team.

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Two flavours of ICT Managed Services…

Running alongside your own ICT team

Some areas of ICT Management that ICT teams entrust to an MSP are:

Service Desk outsourcing

  • When you’ve got limited and specialised ICT staff it makes sense to pass first-line issue management to an outsourced Service Desk, with state-of-the-art systems and processes so your valuable resources can remain focused. Good MSPs put experienced technicians on the phones, rather than call loggers or admin staff.

Escalation and expertise

  • It’s often prohibitively expensive to employ staff with breadth of expertise needed to cover all your technology. An MSP will solve this problem for you. Through economies-of-scale this expertise becomes affordable.

Cover for summer leave or long term absences

  • Cost efficiency demands that you maintain a lean ICT team. The downside is that you’re left short of cover for leave, sickness, or any scenario entailing prolonged absence. A good MSP will be able to offer experienced people to fill those gaps onsite.

Or… your own ICT department by proxy

There are differences between a good MSP and one that’s run-of-the-mill. So when you fully outsource your ICT function you should demand the following:

Named individuals in a dedicated team

  • From first line technicians up to third-line experts, plus a dedicated account manager.

A support team who will understand your ICT systems, and get to know your staff

  • There’s always a significant delay if you can’t speak directly to a technical person who’s familiar with your setup. Getting someone who takes notes and will call back later wastes your time and directly lowers your productivity.
  • A team with broad experience, covering ICT, telephony and communications. Ask whether the MSP outsources any of these services to a third party.

Choosing the best MSP for you

When choosing an MSP you should also ask:

  • How they’ll balance a bespoke service to you with economies-of-scale around technical resource and expertise.
  • How many technical staff they employ.
  • The levels of service they offer, the systems used to enforce them, and their processes for resolving your issues.
  • What reporting they offer to confirm you get value for money.

Air-IT Nottingham’s No. 1 MSP

Air-IT are an award winning Managed Service Provider and have recently been named in the prestigious MSPMentor501 list ranking 279th internationally, 33rd in the list covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 1st in Nottingham.

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We’re always challenging ourselves through innovation and continuous improvement, and can offer all of the above benefits together with the answers to those key questions.

If you’re having trouble with your IT and communications, need IT support, want a little extra help internally or with a project, then please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to an expert member of our team.