We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new Golden KPIs programme – a unique initiative designed to guarantee world class service by giving generous rewards to employees as a team.

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About our Service Delivery KPIs

At Air IT, we use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help us monitor our IT Support services. This ensures we’re keeping our promises, delivering excellent service and value for money.

Whilst this is an industry norm, we take great care over measuring these, and we’re honest about them.

We produce daily, weekly and monthly reports on various aspects of our service delivery. Each month the results are published online, offering complete transparency about our service at any given time.

Air-IT - IT Support KPIs Air-IT IT Support KPIs

Service Delivery KPIs June 2016

These figures are authentic and reflect true world-class performance, measured in accordance with industry benchmarks.


Why Golden KPIs?

Our Golden KPIs programme was introduced to set acceptable company KPIs higher than the industry standard. This allows us to embed world-class service as a day-to-day practice, differentiating our offering further from that which is typical within our industry.

World class IT Support KPIs - Air-IT

In general, many of our industry peers or ICT managed services providers (MSPs) focus on streamlining their internal processes. The first consequence of this is that quality of service drops in favour of cost reduction.

Managing Director of Air IT, Todd McQuilkin comments:

We all say clients are the lifeblood of any business. Rather than pay lip service, Air IT has made this idea the basis of its culture.

Without threats and penalties, the whole team shows an eagerness to work towards a common goal. But our Golden KPIs reward programme is also an investment in our clients’ future. At Air IT we share the enthusiasm needed to ensure high performance in those areas that our clients care about.

Key considerations in the reward scheme include:

  • Responding genuinely to feedback from clients
  • Quickly placing the person with the right skills on the job
  • Eliminating causes for complaint
  • Getting it right, so ticketed requests do not need to be re-opened
  • Dealing with issues and requests promptly but thoroughly.


Delivering World-Class Service

Air IT has moved up 39 places in this year’s independent MSPmentor rankings, placing us at position 240 worldwide, and at prime position as the No.1 ICT managed service provider for the East Midlands.

Our Golden KPIs programme will not only help Air IT to retain this title but to improve on the ranking year on year.

Todd summarises:

Through rewards, we nurture a passion for good service in everyone here. We have a skilled, loyal and contented team of people. The result is a uniquely productive atmosphere where everyone wins – the team, the business and our clients.

It also marks further investment in our team, following the recent launch of our employee engagement initiative – the Dream Manager Programme.


Need help with your ICT?

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