Is IT holding your business back? You can turn it in to an asset so it will add to your success. In this article, we explain how your business can make the most of its technology.

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Overcoming IT Obstacles

The costs of keeping your business technology all working is a big challenge. Every interruption to your operations reduces efficiency and hits your bottom line. The hit comes from two angles: You lose revenue through inefficiencies, but your cost also rise.

As well as creating risk for your business, necessary replacement of IT infrastructure has a significant impact on your cash flow.

There’s also the costs of hardware, software licenses, and subscriptions – and the HR cost of employing skilled resource.

Broken down in to more specific areas, some of the most challenging issues surrounding an organisations ICT operations include:

1. Training

  • Supporting business applications and staff generally requires advanced technical training. This is always costly and time consuming, especially where your systems are business critical.

2. Disruption from issues

  • Disruption caused by IT usually comes with no warning. Even with careful planning you can’t avoid everything.

3. Resource

  • It goes without saying that true technical expertise is an expensive commodity. Technical employees, keen to develop their skills, are always in demand. Temptation can overcome loyalty.

4. The knock-on effect

  • Quite often, computer issues affect more than just one person so more time gets wasted. This in itself is an unnecessary burden unless coordinated by one of your employees. There’s also likely to be priority conflicts over workloads, especially for those businesses with no dedicated technical expertise.

Gain value and help by outsourcing your IT

There are a number of options for outsourcing IT support, to help your business relieve some of these issues described above.

When outsourcing your IT, you can select areas that best fit your business requirements, based on your technical ability and the skilled resource you have in house.

You can also choose to outsource all or just a part of your IT function depending on your needs. This could be one or all of a front-line service desk – to resolve issues quickly, or an escalation option for complex problems – even for technical IT Managers.

In summary, the benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Deep technical expertise when you need it, whatever the issue;
  • Reduce time wasted by employees each trying to resolve a single issue;
  • Faster resolution of issues from those with the experience;
  • Fewer HR issues, no training costs and no need to cover for absence;
  • Outgoings on keeping technology working are fixed and predictable;
  • If you have an internal IT team they can focus where they’re most productive.

How to get outsourcing right

Managing Director of Air-IT, James Healey comments:

For most businesses, maintaining a full team of technical staff isn’t realistic. This is where outsourcing will help, though some providers are inevitably better than others.

You should make sure you get direct access to technical people who can help you straight away – no call loggers overseas and no automated responses. Demand personal service with guaranteed response times.

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