If your business is still using a FTTC or ADSL broadband connection it may be time to consider an upgrade. Here’s a few ways your business could benefit from upgrading to a dedicated connection with the installation of a Leased Line.

The ability to communicate has never been more diverse and digital advancements are now a part of our everyday lives. The days where communications were limited to fixed line telephone connections are long gone and instant access to the internet is increasingly expected. A vast network of mobile and online communication channels are now commonplace within business environments. When we think about the growing use of Unified Communications, social media, mobile applications and email, it’s easy to take for granted how readily available these technologies are compared to just a decade ago. As such, our reliance on internet connectivity has never been higher. Despite this, it was found that 72% of SMEs experienced internet downtime according to research carried out by Ofcom in 2016. If this sounds like a familiar issue for your business, then it may be an indication that your existing connection is no longer fit for purpose. Switching to a business-grade alternative will offer increased reliability and accessibility. Specifically, the installation of a Leased Line could help increase efficiency, productivity and security. With guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), they are also more robust than traditional broadband services and are now more affordable than ever.

Speed and capacity

In the East Midlands Chamber 2018 Quarterly Economic survey, over a third of businesses said that better broadband speed and reliability is critical to their future success. Currently, Leased Lines offer the fastest connectivity solution available and have the highest bandwidth. This makes them ideal for those where critical business systems rely on uninterrupted internet access. Speeds are also guaranteed so you will always receive the bandwidth that you pay for. Upload and download speeds are symmetrical too, which means they’re perfect to support data intensive tasks like transferring large files and making VoIP calls. If you have adopted the use of Hosted services such as cloud computing or have remote workers logging in to your network from home, a Leased Line will also improve speed and ease of accessibility, satisfying all the day to day demands of modern business. They can also scale quickly as bandwidth can be increased to support business growth.


One of the most appealing advantages of a Leased Line is the fact that it’s a direct and dedicated connection to your business; your own private connection to the internet. This is also known as an uncontended service, as you’re not sharing the connection with anyone else. SLAs are also guaranteed giving you peace of mind that your service will be fixed within a set timescale if you encounter any issues. Many businesses with internet dependency also install a FTTC backup line. This means the connection will automatically failover to a secondary line if the primary one should go down. This helps to mitigate the risk of downtime, improves your resilience and supports business continuity management.


Along with good user practice and additional security controls, Leased Lines offer the most secure form of connectivity available today. Since the line is dedicated to your business, you have greater control over the traffic that can run on it. They can also be used to create secure connections between multiple sites so data can be shared without connecting to the internet. Therefore, the risk of data being intercepted by anyone outside your organisation is significantly reduced. This means they’re an excellent choice for security conscious businesses.

A long-term investment

Giving your workforce the proper tools and equipment to do their job efficiently is key to staying productive and competitive in today’s market. With connectivity being so integral to our lives, a Leased Line is not only an internet connection but a great investment in your business. Although the cost of a Leased Line exceeds other options, the benefits of a dedicated internet connection can far outweigh the alternatives and will pay back dividends in the long run. If you need help with your IT, communication and connectivity needs, please contact us today on 0115 880 0044 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.