Although so many things are currently ‘on hold’, it’s clear that cybercrime isn’t taking any kind of a break. Recent news stories about Zoom accounts being hacked are proof of this.

Work from home cyber security

We’re doing more work over the internet, during lockdown, than we have possibly ever done before. In a variety of ways, it’s both a blessing and a curse – particularly if you run into problems with your Wi-Fi!

But we are also more dependent on online applications – such as video conferencing and collaboration tools – and this has drawn the attention of cybercriminals. It’s, therefore, incredibly important that you protect your business with robust IT security measures. Please see our article on preparing for working from home, which covers a number of security aspects regarding home working that are worth a read.

Selecting the right video conferencing tool

With the stories that have emerged in recent weeks, specifically around Zoom, it’s important that you select a tool that meets your security needs. A few security issues have been raised regarding Zoom during the pandemic, as millions of new users have signed up to the service. Topics such as “Zoombombing” do not necessarily rule out use of Zoom, but should influence when and how we use it.

Zoom, as it stands, is perhaps more suited to purely social uses, and aspects such as passwords, which we cover further down in this article, are incredibly important. It’s worth noting though, that Zoom has, and is increasing its security provisions since concerns were raised and so may be more secure in the future.

Mobile device management

As remote working may now become a medium to long-term prospect for your organisation, beyond lockdown, it’s a good idea to consider mobile device management, and management and protection of data and data access.

When a mobile device connects to your IT infrastructure, it becomes a gateway to your network and the data within it. As a result, these devices represent a potential vulnerability, and managing those devices from a security perspective is fulfilling a duty not just to your business, but to your team too.

Effective mobile device management will ensure that all employee devices are configured, deployed, managed and monitored in a manner that prioritises the integrity and security of your network, systems and data.

One of the best tools for mobile device management is Microsoft Intune, about which you can find out more information here.

Passwords. Passwords. Pa55w0rd5.

Seriously, we’re not fooling around. Cybercriminals know that businesses are using more online applications right now, than they have ever done before. The lockdown has required many things to be moved online. With more user accounts, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to gain access to personal information or anything else they desire.

This should be a rallying call for you to get your passwords in check if you haven’t already.

And of course, it’s not just your personal user accounts you need to protect, but all the work-related accounts that your staff have too. A password manager is a great way to ensure your entire team is practicing good password etiquette.

Cyber security awareness training

With your team working from home, and not currently ’under your wing’, it’s important to maintain their cyber security awareness. After all, most data loss events and security breaches are due to human error.

Malicious actors are now targeting Zoom users with fake meeting emails in order to steal their personal information and login credentials. According to Abnormal Security, the company that uncovered the scam, the spoofed emails come in the form of a reminder for a Zoom meeting with HR, concerning the termination of the recipient’s employment. The email contains a meeting invitation link, which is the hacker’s phishing site designed to mimic the look of Zoom’s login page. Click here for more information.

If you want a secure and productive business, during lockdown and beyond, it is truly worth investing in regular cyber security training.

Security, generally speaking

Many of the topics we’ve covered above are timely concerns and areas to be considering during lockdown. However, the above and plenty of other security aspects should always be managed and practised.

How can Air IT help?

As cyber security specialists, we can provide comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure. Our range of cyber security services can help to protect our clients proactively, addressing vulnerabilities and threats ahead of time. Please get in touch to find out more.