Good service is our first priority

We make sure that we put our client’s needs first to ensure that we deliver a customer experience that is second to none – our clients are our number one priority.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant our technical team is, if we’re not able to help you achieve your goals and ambitions through technology, then we have fallen short of our expectations. Many IT providers forget this. They forget that without their clients they have no business.

We love technology too

We’re just as “passionate” about technology as other ICT providers. Our engineers go home at night and have fun exploring the capabilities of technology in a safe environment, and find more efficient ways of doing things, and, combined with their in-depth, continual training and experience they’ve become experts.

Happy and healthy clients

Our philosophy, proven by experience, is that if we help our clients succeed through their IT and communications and keep them happy and productive – then in return we’ll succeed too.

We believe in the “virtuous spiral” – the opposite of a vicious circle. If you do well, we’ll do well. And if we do well we can provide a better service to you, and this will help you succeed even more. And so it goes on. And in the process trust builds too.

Our near perfect track record of 98% client retention is testament to this.

Other ways we improve quality and service levels

We also continually monitor and improve our quality and level of service through:


We also occasionally win an award or two. We think that it’s another sign that we’re getting things right. It’s fantastic to receive recognition from our peers and the business community for all our efforts.

What next?

To find out more about Air-IT, our services and how we can help you gain the most from your ICT, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our technology experts.