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Our cloud based email solution is built on the same technology as Exchange Server 2013.

It offers the flexibility and mobility of a cloud based solution without sacrificing the business capabilities of a traditional onsite server and without the on-going maintenance and upgrade costs to infrastructure.

smartphones cloud email - Air-ITDesigned to help your business communicate, collaborate and share quickly, efficiently and securely.

The business class functionality of Exchange email, calendar, and contacts with built-in functionality to help protect against viruses and spam, at no extra cost, provides anywhere access to your mailbox data across desktop, Web, smartphone and tablets.

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Key features at a glance


  • Massive 50GB space per mailbox – many other suppliers offer 5 or 25GB only
  • Fully featured – business-class email based on Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs, upgrades and maintenance
  • Instant scalability – add and remove mailboxes as needed
  • Fully supported by our expert in-house Service Desk
  • Monthly billing, no minimum contract, competitive pricing
  • Robust – guaranteed 99.9% uptime (but likely to be better).
  • Super resilience with multiple UK Data Centres and triple-hosted mailboxes
  • Secure – full authentication and SSL encryption.
  • Award winning anti-virus and anti-spam built in
  • Fast mailbox sync with desktop, web, smartphone and tablets
  • Secure access from anywhere using Outlook or Outlook Web Access

Why Air-IT for Cloud Email?

Our hosted email service is the perfect choice for business. Here are some of the additional reasons why.

World class support included

As part of the service you get unlimited access to our Service Desk team to support your Cloud email solution.

All members of our technical team are fully trained and certified. Our goal is fast response times and fixing your issue on first contact with no delay or escalation.

Simple migration

We can perform any necessary migration to transfer your existing emails and employee’s systems over to our Cloud Email service, eliminating any fuss or bother.

Completely scalable

We’ve got the experience and expertise to deliver and support our Cloud Email services regardless of the size of your organisation.

Our pricing and licensing model means that you can scale up or down in line with changes to your business, whenever you need to, only paying for the number of mailboxes you use.

Our Cloud Email packages

Air-IT’s Cloud Email is a complete solution loaded with features that many other providers charge extra for. Our packages include:

Latest Exchange Server 2013 technology [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Mailbox size50MB50GB50GB
Up to 10 email address aliases [fa type=”check”][fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Outlook Anywhere access (RPC over HTTPS) [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Outlook Web Access [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Instant ‘push’ email [fa type=”times”][fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Organisation-wide address list [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Shared calendars [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Shared tasks [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Shared contacts [fa type=”times”][fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Mobile ‘Push & Sync’ technology [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Sync with iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android etc.POP 3 [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Sync with Blackberry 10POP 3 [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Remote mobile data wipe [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Optional Outlook 2013 licence [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”]
Optional Outlook 2011 Mac licence [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”times”] [fa type=”check”]
Multiple UK-based data-centres [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Data replication for peace-of-mind [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Every mailbox hosted on 3 x Exchange servers for ultra-resilience [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Anti-Spam and Anti-virus protection included [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Instant activation and provisioning [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
No set-up fees [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
40MB attachment size [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”] [fa type=”check”]
Minimal no. of users555

What next?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Cloud email solution that offers value for money and is fully supported, then please contact us today to discuss your needs further.

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