Even with the best security tools in place, there is still a risk that one of your employees might provide a way-in for an attack. Addressing this can make a huge difference to the efficacy of your security policy.

Rather than traditional one-to-one training for employees, we provide online training, limiting face-to-face training sessions for board level executives and IT Managers.

This gives you the flexibility to raise awareness in your employees as necessary and escalate the issue of cyber security to highlight the risks with senior management.

Employees are your biggest threat

70% of attacks in SMES are due to internal vulnerabilities

Whilst estimates vary, there is unanimous agreement that human error or ignorance is the single most common factor behind successful attacks.

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The best approach is making sure your employees know where to look for risk and what to do. The problem is, there are numerous attacks which take advantage of employees who are unaware or have their guard down.

SMEs are commonly attacked where the objective is financial using social engineering techniques. The attacks often use impersonation and/or by targeting specific individuals (spear phishing). There’s even an attack aimed at specific executives in a business (whaling – whales look like big phish).

We can provide you with the training you need to ensure that your employees recognise the signs of an impending attack and know how to respond to suspected breaches. This will also help them understand their responsibilities, including the risks to them as individuals and the business as a whole.

Here’s how we can help

Our courses are designed with your needs in mind and cover a wide range of topics from the basics to more in-depth topical subjects.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll help you bolster employee awareness where you need it most with relevant and engaging training content.

financial advice

Cost and convenience

We’ll deliver training at a time to suit your business and users – and because it’s all managed online, it costs significantly less than traditional practices such as one-to-one and group training sessions.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Evolve your defence

Keep your users up to date with continuous learning so they’re able to recognise new attacks and keep abreast of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Reduce risk

By educating your workforce to spot malicious activity, you can significantly reduce the threat posed by lack of user awareness.

Phishing simulation

Launch a simulated phishing attack, and monitor user response to help you test and strengthen your defence where any individuals fall short.

ISO, ITIL, SDI Aligned

Supports regulatory compliance

As well as protecting users and data through best practice learning, our training will help you comply with regulations and avoid fines for non-compliance.

Proactive reporting

We’ll closely monitor your training initiatives, and report back with actionable findings to help you address the areas where your users need it most.

We’re committed to information security

We’ve gone to the furthest lengths to achieve the highest standards of information security accreditation and affiliation with key industry bodies.

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