January 2020

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Same Day Resolution
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What our KPIs mean

Each month we publish the 6 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) below which detail our previous months performance. We also keep a record of a further 2 months, prior to this, to show complete transparency of services and to help identify any trends over each quarterly period.

These are just a few of the KPIs we use to monitor and evaluate our performance, so we can continually improve what we do. We can report on pretty much any aspect of our service delivery and provide clients with detailed reporting to confirm that we are keeping our promises, exceeding expectations and delivering an excellent service experience.

Our website KPIs are chosen to reflect our clients’ interests and earnestly reflect the excellent work performed by our Service Desk team.

We’re scrupulous with these numbers and measure them from our clients’ perspective, rather than being creative or inflating them to make us appear (unrealistically) good.

Compared with true industry benchmarks, our published KPIs are already excellent, but our Service Desk team are always working hard to improve them further.

Average Call Waiting Time

This is how long the average waiting time is when you telephone our Service Desk. The lower the better. We like to be honest and transparent about any performance claims we make.

It’s how long you wait to speak to a real person who is experienced enough to begin resolving the issue you’re calling about. We don’t employ call loggers, you’ll always speak to certified support technician directly. Our Service Desk strives to deal with your issue straight away at the point of first contact, and if possible, with resolve it whilst you’re waiting on the phone.

Same Day Resolution

This is the percentage of support requests that were raised using all methods of contact by telephone, email, Service Hub and in person. It’s the percentage of requests that were fixed on the same day as they were raised. Once more, the higher this number, the better.

We always try our best to resolve issues as soon as we can, at the point of first contact (or touch) – though this may not always be possible, for example parts may be needed. This KPI shows that we consistently resolve over three-quarters of all support requests in the same day. It demonstrates that delays are kept to a minimum and that we employ experienced and capable technicians who are in control of your issue.

No. Service Desk Tickets Resolved

This is the total number of support requests that our Service Desk resolved in the previous month. This figure does not include any automated tickets created by our remote management and monitoring systems which uses its own bench-marking KPIs.

Service Desk support requests cover a wide range of reported issues such as incidents, service requests, system changes and fixing problems. The total number of tickets closed each month depends on the level of demand – we have a well-staffed Service Desk that can scale quickly as workload fluctuates. Requests are received by all methods including email, telephone, Service Hub or in person. You get in touch and we get to work resolving issues.

We include this KPI to give you an idea of the workload we have. High KPIs are easy when there aren’t many tickets each month and there is little to do. We want to assure you that we have the resources and skills needed to achieve service excellence, even when we’re really busy.

SLAs Met

Service level agreements (SLAs) are essentially our promise to deal with your IT issues and requests within a given time-frame. Our standard agreements are set to a target of 95% achievement. However, our Service Desk team goes beyond this and sets an internal target of 99% which we strive to exceed.

Our SLA KPI is calculated on how we score (on average) when it comes to achieving these targets – how long we take to get back to you, start fixing the issue, and resolving it. The higher the number the better.

We have all sorts of service Level agreements depending on the priority of your request and what it concerns. We make these promises to all our clients, based on your requirements, when you onboard with us. You’ll get reports tailored for you that show how we’re meeting targets.

Bear in mind that not everything is within our control though – we may have to wait for people to get back to us with information or approval sometimes.

Customer Retention

Our customer retention rate is a key measurement of our success and that we’re doing things right – creating loyal customers that are happy with our services. This is calculated by measuring the number of managed support clients we retain each month.

We’re extremely proud of our high retention rate which has remained consistently around 95% since we began trading back in 2005.

We want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers – many have been with us from day one and remain loyal. This is a testament to our great people and the high quality service we deliver. This stability reflects the confidence our customers place in us in managing and supporting their technology and ultimately helping their businesses be successful.

Customer Satisfaction – CSATS

We’re first and foremost a service company and our main objective is to make sure our clients are happy. Measuring satisfaction levels and acting on feedback is key to our success and helps us continually improve service delivery.

As part of our customer experience (CX) programme, we conduct event-based satisfaction (CSAT) surveys after each support case is closed or a project is completed.

Clients are asked to rate how happy they feel about their recent service experience by clicking on the face that best represents their feelings – good, neutral or bad. Our CSAT score is the monthly average of all surveys received. We have a higher than average response rate of over 22% compared to an industry standard of 5%.

Clients can also add their own comments about the performance and handling of their issue or project. This is completely voluntary, and people can opt out if desired.

We read all comments, both positive and negative and any bad or neutral ratings we receive are investigated by our Service Desk Manager. Listening to our clients and taking their feedback onboard is very important to us in helping refine our services and to drive continual improvement.

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