We think tracking and measuring what we do is so critical to our success and yours.

It’s easy to say but we’re truly passionate about measuring what we do. Here’s why.

It’s important

We’re a customer service organisation first and foremost. If we don’t keep our promises or help you grow through ICT, you will look elsewhere. We really don’t want that to happen. As a result we’re extremely serious and passionate about making sure we’re doing things right.

This is where business intelligence, stats and reporting help us. We’ve invested in systems that allow us to see everything transparently. We measure everything that is important and then do something about it – continual service improvement (CSI).

It benefits you

Because we are critical of ourselves and the way we do things, we can earnestly say that we’re committed to serving you well and doing things efficiently. This means better and more reliable service and value-for-money is passed on to you.

Advanced users

We have a reputation with the developers of the reporting and intelligence software that we use. Within a week or two, we’re generally regarded as advanced users. This is often down to the fact that we find small glitches when we look into the detail and try to verify the reporting.

We’re advanced users simply because we check the validity and truth behind what we measure because we’re utterly serious about improving our service – more so than many other MSPs seem to be.

People tend to reply most when they’re motivated to reply. A high response usually reflects very good or very bad service. A high rate of response coupled with a high satisfaction score indicates excellent service quality.

People are very busy, and perhaps this also reflects the good level of trust we’ve built up with our clients, and an understanding on their part that we do listen when they want to tell us something.