• How to protect your online security

    How to Protect Your Online Security

    Whether you’re a customer who’s concerned about the security of your personal details, or you’re an organisation trusted with safeguarding those of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers, then you’ll need to take online security seriously. In this article, we’ll examine how this might be done.

  • Sue and Todd at the nursery play area

    Air-IT help local day nursery with CCTV system

    Air-IT were pleased to help local childcare provider, Brooklyn Day Nursery by supplying and installing a new CCTV system to help increase security and monitoring at their Annesley premises.

  • login screen - Air IT support tips on strong passwords

    Password Do’s and ‘Don’ts – Handy Tips to Stay Safe

    Secure passwords are your first line of defence against cybercrime. Choosing weak passwords that can be guessed easily or worse still – using the same password for all your online accounts can be a costly mistake to make.

  • Air-IT Proud become Sophos Silver Partner

    We’re pleased to announce that Air-IT has recently been approved as a Sophos Silver Partner adding to our growing number of high profile partnerships with leading providers in the technology sector…

  • Air IT support tips information security

    Why have an Information Security Policy?

    Does your company have an ‘Acceptable Use’ Policy to ensure your staff use the internet correctly? Find out more about information security and what you need to consider.

  • Laptop - Air IT support security tips

    8 tips to help protect your laptop from theft when travelling

    Due to an increased mobile working culture most people use their laptop to get work done away from the office or whilst on the road, which unfortunately has made them an easy target for theft.

  • IT security tips from Air IT support

    5 ways to help you work more securely

    Find out how to work more securely with our 5 useful tips that will help you to protect your important data and privacy from threats, attacks and intrusions.