The challenge you face

Depending on your requirements outsourcing your IT support can be full or partial. This page covers your options for full outsourcing, please see outsourced Service Desk for your options for partial outsourcing.

Problem: operational and strategic efficiencies

Setting-up and resourcing a fully managed and efficient IT Support team can be an expensive distraction. Each of the following must be considered:

  • The research, choice, configuration and costs of infrastructure and systems for managing the support process
  • Understanding and implementing the operational methods necessary for a successful support function
  • Human resource factors – the difficulties and costs around recruiting, training and retaining qualified and experienced IT support professionals. Even covering absences can be problematic
  • The breadth of technical expertise that must be covered compared to how problematic specific technologies prove to be. Is it worth training support staff for systems that give you little trouble? If not, what happens when those systems go wrong?

Solution: spreading costs and difficulties through scale

Each of the considerations above can be met through outsourcing your IT support to us. We have already faced each of these challenges, and implemented solutions for them.

We can do this because we have multiple clients for our IT support services. This mean that we gain from any efficiencies and improvements we can make and spread our costs more widely. The reverse of this is economy of scale. You get all the resulting benefits and operating efficiencies, without needing to make a huge up-front investment in a non-core business function.

Overview of our IT support services

Service Management systems and operations

  • We have made substantial re-investment into new support management systems. The resulting benefit has increased the quality and efficiency of the support we deliver and has subsequently passed on these benefits to our clients.

Outsourced Service Desk

Some highlights of our Service Desk includes:

  • Full remote monitoring and management to control patching and event management
  • Mature ITIL and ISO compliant processes
  • Transparent ticketing processes and communication with end-users or nominated representative from your organisation
  • Tickets created and updated via telephone, email or customer portal to suit your preferences
  • Commitment to agreed SLAs based on priority and impact

For further detailed information about our Service Desk please see Outsourced Service Desk.

Expertise and experience

  • We’re committed to full technical training and accreditation, right down to our first line team members.

Bespoke options for support

  • Remote and onsite IT support is available. We also cover office hours (7:30 am until 6:30 om as a default) and out-of-hours cover is optional.

Multi-site cover

  • We already cover a number of large clients with multiple geographical locations – national, European and international – utilising wide-area networking technologies.

Scope of cover

  • We can support a huge range of technologies including networking and virtual and physical servers, storage, security, workstations, user applications and software, mobility and pretty much any requirement you may have.

Strategic input

  • You can tap into the specific expertise of our systems engineers for advice when scoping out new projects.

Reports and auditing

  • Our processes are fully audited and tracked automatically and this means we can provide reports that offer as much or as little detail as you need.

Making the change to Air IT

We can brand our services as your own, so employees needn’t know that your IT support has been outsourced. We’ll also work with you to project manage your transition to our services, ensuring that the process is a seamless success.

Why clients choose us for support

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